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Wastewater and Chlorination: Why It Matters

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on October 31, 2017
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For years, chlorination has been used to disinfect municipal wastewater. Ideal for creating safe, potable water for consumers and protecting nearby rivers and streams, chlorination helps banish microorganisms in wastewater and decrease the likelihood of outbreaks in municipal water systems. Here's what Read More

Preventing Water Corrosion With These 4 Ways

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on October 10, 2017
water corrosion

A clean water supply keeps people healthy. Problems can occur in the system such as corrosion, which leads to toxins entering the water. This article highlights effective ways of preventing water corrosion. What Is Water Corrosion and Why Is It Read More

Improve Your Community and Environment By Disinfecting Groundwater

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on October 3, 2017
disinfecting groundwater

The Groundwater Foundation states that more than 50 percent of the U.S. population relies on groundwater to meet their drinking water needs. Everything from landfills and hazardous wastes to road salts and atmospheric contaminants can pollute the groundwater. It's crucial that Read More