Phosphorous Removal from Wastewater

phosphorus removal in wastewater treatment

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Phosphorous Removal from Wastewater

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Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal in Wastewater

AOS Treatment Solutions offers a complete line of products that remove phosphorus in the final effluent before discharge. AOS will perform extensive testing to design a treatment program that actively assists in phosphorus removal from wastewater.

Why Is Phosphorus a Problem in Wastewater?

High concentrations of phosphorous in wastewater originate from fertilizers (commercial and residential), detergents and other phosphate-based cleaning products.

In small amounts, phosphorus is a nutrient. However, in the concentrations sometimes seen in wastewater, phosphorus becomes a toxic substance. Without the removal of phosphorus from wastewater, the high level of this element would be deadly to aquatic life, plants and wildlife, as well as affecting humans’ health.

AOS Treatment Solutions offers a number of different wastewater treatment solutions for phosphorous removal in city water treatment systems.

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