Custom Wastewater Dewatering for Municipalities and Industry

Custom Wastewater Dewatering Treatment

Wastewater Dewatering Applications

AOS Treatment Solutions can optimize dewatering efficiency while employing a complete line of cationic and anionic flocculants. Through extensive testing and experience, AOS personnel can create a custom treatment plan to address your dewatering needs.

Whether you have a belt filter, centrifuge wastewater treatment system, GeotubeĀ®, screw filter, or simply a need to free space for a digester, there’s no need to stress. Like many municipal wastewater treatment providers, AOS provides custom dewatering solutions for every client.

When Is Custom Wastewater Dewatering Necessary?

Manufacturing operations may also use a dewatering process to create more efficient internal wastewater removal systems. The disposal of any organic or non-organic material will occupy a fair bit of space. This can get expensive on a company, given the cost of storage and maintenance. The manufacturing job can run more effectively if dewatering is done right, as it alleviates ground pressure.

However, there is a dire need for true professional dewatering services. The technology behind this water treatment solution is advanced and allows for companies to simplify the process of drying and transporting sludge. This results in a considerable amount of stress taken away from manufacturing businesses.

Our Mini-Bulk supply program minimizes cost and simplifies operation by allowing our wastewater treatment plants customers to order flocculants in small volume bulk, regardless of daily usage.

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Custom Wastewater Dewatering for Municipalities and Industry

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