Industrial and Municipal Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Overview of AOS Wastewater Treatment Systems and Products

AOS wastewater treatment solutions include the following:

There are four means by which AOS Wastewater Treatment Solutions can engineer an industrial or municipal wastewater treatment system for you or your Houston MUD District:

Organic/Inorganic Polymers in Your Wastewater Treatment

For the primary and final clarification of wastewater, polymers are used to coagulate suspended solids in turbid water. Polymers are available in powders, emulsions and solutions. The electrical charges of polymers coagulate the solids in wastewater, producing curds of solid materials. These curds are referred to as “floc” in the wastewater treatment industry.

Bacterial Cultures

Some bacterial cultures are specially adapted for improved bio-degradation of organic waste as well as the removal of phenol, grease and ammonia found in wastewater.

The glycocalyx produced by bacterial cultures is an extracellular polysaccharide (“slime”) that further enhances floc formation.


From time to time, conditions in the wastewater being treated can cause foam. Foam impedes optimum bio-degradation in the waste treatment plant.

To control foam in the aeration basin and final effluent, anti-foaming agents are added to a wastewater treatment system to ensure the highest rates of coagulation occur in turbid water.

Sludge Dewatering

Dewatering sludge is the process of bringing the destabilized or coagulated particles in wastewater together to form a larger, more stable floc. Dewatering not only reduces the water content of the sludge, but also the amount of sludge.

Disposing of wastewater sludge is, arguably, the biggest challenge faced by the wastewater treatment industry. Disposal of sludge in landfills is inefficient because of the quantity of sludge produced each year across the globe.

Regardless of whether you are a government agency, a private business or a public corporation, AOS Wastewater Treatment Solutions can help with your wastewater treatment requirements.

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Industrial and Municipal Wastewater Treatment Solutions

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