Odor Control in Wastewater Treatment Plants

wastewater odor control

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Wastewater Odor Control

Unfortunately, foul odors from wastewater treatment facilities are common, and the causes and solutions are typically complex. For some communities, private industries such as industrial farms and food processing plants are the culprits, while in others the municipal systems are the cause. Regardless of the source, the fact is that communities from the largest metropolis to the smallest rural village battle against a host of complex and unpleasant chemical reactions.

How Do Odors from Wastewater Plants Start?

So, why is it so hard to keep foul odors from developing in wastewater? In most cases, the root cause of the smell is an anaerobic, or septic, condition where the oxygen flow to the water or wastewater is limited. When that happens, microbes can thrive which give off hydrogen sulfide, which has the odor of rotten eggs. Hydrogen sulfide wastewater treatment can be complicated. Biosolid (domestic sewage) processing is another culprit as it has the potential to generate several foul-smelling compounds. Even the dew point can play a role in perpetuating nuisance smells as odors can be trapped closer to the ground when there’s more moisture on the air.

Wastewater Odor Removal Solutions Can Help Solve Odor Problems

Our water treatment consultants at AOS Treatment Solutions will assess your system to determine the cause and source of problem odors. Through testing and experience, we will select the optimum product for odor control in wastewater treatment plants.

For more information on which AOS odor control products are most suitable for your wastewater treatment system, contact us today.