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What Is Legionella Bacteria? – Water Treatment & Prevention Planning

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on February 20, 2018
legionella water testing

Legionella bacteria are common in water systems including low amounts in rivers and ponds. However, the gram-negative bacteria can multiply when conditions are optimal, which can lead to outbreaks of diseases such as Legionnaire's Disease. Poorly maintained water heating systems, Read More

What Are Biological Water Quality Parameters?

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on February 15, 2018
what is biological water quality factors?

The biological content of water is measured to monitor the presence of pathogens and microbiological organisms in a municipal water supply.  Harmful pathogens can enter the water supply via untreated sewage or naturally from rivers and lakes. Why Municipalities and Read More

Dissolved Air Flotation Process in Wastewater Treatment 

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on February 13, 2018
dissolved air flotation water treatment

What Is Dissolved Air Flotation Water Treatment? Dissolved air flotation (DAF) is a water treatment process designed to remove oils, solids, and greases. In fact, the process helps clarify wastewaters – and other waters – by eliminating different types of suspended matter. Read More

How to Recycle Wastewater in Buildings – Methods and Technology

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on February 6, 2018
wastewater recycling system

Recycling wastewater is the method of treating and reusing water for another purpose, such as agricultural irrigation or industrial processes. Recycled wastewater can be used to flush toilets and replenish the groundwater levels of water. This method is efficient and Read More