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Difference Between Primary and Secondary Treatment of Wastewater

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on June 26, 2018
difference between primary and secondary treatment of wastewater

  Many differences exist between the primary and secondary treatment of wastewater. The critical difference involves how these treatments are processed. The primary treatment of wastewater occurs through sedimentation with filtering out large contaminant particles within the liquid. The contaminants Read More

Types of Reactors in Wastewater Treatment

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on June 19, 2018
types of reactors in wastewater treatment

  Through the use of reactors in wastewater treatment, it is possible to enrich the lives of communities and increase the well-being of individuals. AOS Treatment Solutions offers solutions to wastewater problems and provides water analysis services that help to Read More

Does Reverse Osmosis Remove Minerals from Water?

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on June 12, 2018
does reverse osmosis remove minerals?

  Reverse osmosis is used in water purification to remove contaminants. This article outlines the process and the types of minerals removed. Reverse Osmosis and How to Remove Minerals from Water The process works by pushing water through a semipermeable Read More

Identifying Turbidity and Effectively Reducing It

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on June 5, 2018
what is turbidity in water?

  It is essential to understand what causes turbidity and how to either reduce or eliminate the problem through effective wastewater treatment. Though this term, usually reserved for the water treatment industry, is not widely known to others, it is Read More