5 Benefits of Having a Cistern

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on December 21, 2016

Having a water cistern can convey numerous benefits.

A water cistern is a container for holding liquid that is primarily used for harvesting rainwater. Their benefits include the ability to reduce your water footprint, save money, gain independence from the grid, and always have safe and clean drinking water.

1. Environmentally Friendly

Instead of allowing rainwater to go to waste, a cistern allows you to utilize it for many purposes, thus reducing the burden on the present water system. Most people in the world get their water from a well, but this is a very environmentally damaging policy. For example, in northern India, farmers now have to drill more than 500 feet into the ground just to get water. Water sources on our earth are finite, and the larger the population grows, the more stress is put on our natural water systems, leading to water depletion and dry, arid land areas. Collecting your own water, especially in heavy rain areas like the tropics and the northwestern United States, prevents water from being depleted from the earth’s natural sources.

2. Saves Money

Imagine if you could get your water free from nature instead of paying someone else for it. By collecting and storing rainwater, a cistern allows you to do just that. All you have to pay for is the cost of the water cistern.

3. Independence

With a water cistern, you don’t have to be connected to a city water supply. In fact, as long as it rains on a regular basis, you will have a never-ending supply of water. With a large enough cistern, you may even be able to weather particularly long droughts.

Water independence can also be beneficial for those concerned with the effects of fluoride, a chemical most cities add to public water in order to prevent cavities. While most experts agree that fluoride is beneficial or, at worse, benign, some organizations, such as the Fluoride Action Network, have raised suspicions about its effects. If you share these concerns, using a cistern can give you some peace of mind.

4. Clean Drinking Water

All of our new water cisterns come with water purification systems and thus provide you with clean, fresh and pure drinking water. The purification system kills any germs or bacteria in the water and leaves you with safe drinking water. Rainwater is free from many chemicals found in ground water and so it’s also perfectly safe to use for watering your plants, showering and cooking.

5. Size and Space

A lot of people believe that a water cistern will be a huge eyesore on their property, but the truth is that modern water cisterns don’t take up much space at all. You won’t even see them after they are installed since most are attached to the roof of your house.

Other Uses

There are many other uses that a water cistern provides.

  • Provides water for washing clothes, flushing toilets and outdoor tasks that require water
  • Lowers the amount of water that you consume
  • Lowers your water bill payments
  • Reduces pollution to rivers and the environment

The human race needs to become more intelligent and responsible in their water consumption. Water itself is life, and if we ruin the environment or pollute natural water resources, we will be hurting the entire eco-system. Cisterns give you an environmentally friendly and sustainable way for you to gain control over your water supply.

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