5 Things That Cause Bad Odor in Water

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on October 19, 2016

Wastewater Odor Treatment

If you sometimes experience unpleasant odors in your water, it can be hard to figure out what the root cause is. Even so, you shouldn’t ignore the first signs or smells of undrinkable water. It could put your health at serious risk.

Here are five things that you can consider, should you notice a bad odor or taste in your water. It is important that you get your water checked for sanitary purposes, and to ensure the health of your family.

  1. Bacterial Activity

One of the most common problems that cause bad odor in your water is bacteria. Bacteria could be accumulating in your drain due to simple things like soap, food or even hair that has been washed down unintentionally. It may create a sewage-like odor, or a smell of rotten eggs around your drain. Bacteria, if left to linger, eventually multiplies. You should be cleaning (and rinsing) in and around your drains and water sources with soap every day.

  1. Decaying Organic Matter

Food deposits are often an issue around your kitchen sink, and they can build up in your drains. Again, clean and disinfect the drains to eliminate any odors, and get your pipes checked for decaying organic matter that may have settled and is now growing, causing the bad odors. If you find an unpleasant odor coming from your pressure tank, you may have to do the proper maintenance and clean it correctly. This problem often crops up during warmer weather.

  1. A Leaking Fuel Tank Near Your Well

This is a serious problem for your water, and can cause damaging health problems to you and your family. Consider that leaking fuel tanks nearby have often been found to be the cause of increased risk of cancer, anemia and liver problems.

If you discover that this is the reason for bad odor in your water, report it to your local health authorities immediately. They can help to ensure the elimination of this source. You can obtain a carbon filtration system to aid with this serious issue.

  1. Hydrogen Sulfide

This gas has a very bad odor, similar to a rotten egg, and can also cause your water to taste like sulfur. Sometimes, the source may be metal corrosion in your water heater, which can create the sulfide gas. If this happens in your kitchen area, you may notice a yellowing or blackish stain in your kitchen sink. If you are able to identify the hydrogen sulfide odor coming from treated or softened water, it could be because sulfate-reducing bacteria has gotten into the system. These bacteria love to grow and flourish in water softener systems.

  1. Industrial Waste Nearby

If, when drinking your water, it tastes unusually salty, check your local sources or area nearby for the possibility of irrigation drainage and ensuing industrial waste. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon issue for homeowners to experience. If it is not industrial waste and still tastes salty, then there is a chance that it comes from nearby sea salt or natural rock deposits. Note that, in this case, you should not notice a bad odor coming from your water source.

When you are able to determine the cause of bad odors or taste, water treatment solutions are easier to identify. Remember that good health begins at home — don’t underestimate the importance of having clean, filtered and potable drinking water in your home.

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