AOS Analytics: Real-Time Data to Inform Real-Time Treatments

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on July 12, 2017
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Determining the optimal treatment protocol to maintain the quality of your municipal water stock depends, in large part, on your ability to gather adequate testing data with suitable and accurate diagnostic tools. At AOS Treatment Solutions, we have, over the years, developed a number of treatment options – each one combining our expertise in water analysis, field service and maintenance engineering – that enables you to make the most efficient and cost-saving choices that serve your raw-water needs.

On-Site Analysis

As part of our commitment to providing innovative and optimized raw-water treatment solutions, we place a great premium on collecting real-time and on-site data from our customer and plant locations. We believe some of the most important benefits of analyzing in-situ include:

1. Determining the Optimal PAC, GAC or MIEX Dosing

Because we can run tests directly at sediment-treatment plants and other pre-treatment process locations, we are able to gather contemporaneously actionable data, and pass this on to plant engineers who can effect immediate changes to the current treatment protocol.

2. The Superiority of In-Situ Sampling

There are many measurements off-site lab analysis simply cannot process, such as storm-water runoff temperatures, and variables which must be gathered on a near-continuous basis.
In addition, many samples gathered for testing off-site can deteriorate between collection and sampling at an off-site location. These include:
  • Those gathered for determining pH values. The exception is when they are transported on ice and tested within a few hours of collection.
  • Turbidity. Again, unless they are transported on ice and kept away from direct sunlight.
  • Dissolved oxygen. The values of these samples can change during transportation and whilst in storage awaiting analysis.

3. Cost Savings

Other than just the financial benefits made from not using off-site labs, there are also many other economically preferable aspects to on-site testing. These include:
  • Savings made from the more efficient running costs of the plant operation.
  • Better adherence to regulatory guidelines, and prevention of punitive financial action downstream of any potential breach.
  • The lower process footprint of couriering samples to and from various testing locations.

The AOS Treatment Solutions On-Site Toolbox

To enable the collection of the highest quality data, AOS Treatment Solutions uses and develops a number of sampling devices. Specifically, these are:

The DigiDoser Testing Process

Operating as our proprietary Chemical Screening Process, the Digidoser enables us to quickly diagnose and determine the best treatment option and product choice depending on the raw water analysis and plant set-up involved. In the past, the DigiDoser has been used to better inform the removal of both suspended and dissolved organic solids, and optimize the cost effectiveness of effluent treatment with AOS aluminum chemistry.

The TOC Analyzer

By measuring the levels of total organic carbon (TOC) in a sample, our portable analyzer can rapidly determine the water quality at any given site. By testing at the source, we can make immediate alterations to the treatment protocol, rather than having to wait days for the return of laboratory results. Our TOC Analyzer performs extensive analysis, and can determine the exact treatment dosage, making extensive saving costs by cutting out needless and ineffective interventions.

The Water Doctor

Our Water Doctor device is a testing solution that can be used on its own or in conjunction with bench analysis to ensure that adequate chemistry intervention is made in matters such as corrosion control and other specific water-analysis applications. The Water Doctor is especially useful in maintaining residential customer trust by providing rapid on-site testing in response to user’s concerns.
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