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What is Surface Water Pollution? – Sources and Effects

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on November 6, 2018
surface water pollution

Surface water contamination is a significant problem for municipal authorities. It can lead to pollution on a large scale and be a cause of major illness in humans. Knowing how to recognize it, minimize its occurrence, and treat the problem Read More

Identifying Turbidity and Effectively Reducing It

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on June 5, 2018
what is turbidity in water?

  It is essential to understand what causes turbidity and how to either reduce or eliminate the problem through effective wastewater treatment. Though this term, usually reserved for the water treatment industry, is not widely known to others, it is Read More

When Is Raw Water Treatment Necessary?

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on December 21, 2017
raw water treatment

If you are a municipality that uses a raw water source for your community, chances are you need some type of raw water treatment system. Because raw water treatment systems are made up of many different components and vary greatly Read More

Importance of TOC Reduction in Surface Water Treatment

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on April 4, 2017
AOS Treatment Solutions has proven treatments for TOC reduction in surface water.

The deployment of disinfectants is an essential step in surface water treatment. However, with the process comes the potential for undesirable disinfection byproducts (DBPs). Natural organic matter (NOM) interacts with DBPs to increase total organic carbon (TOC), often to unacceptable Read More