Determine What Type of Wastewater Treatment Solution Your Neighborhood Needs

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on January 3, 2018
neighborhood wastewater treatment solution

Wastewater in a municipal area can lead to pollution and contamination of fresh water supplies. Getting the most appropriate treatment solution is essential to avoid causing further damage to the environment. Here’s how you can get the best neighborhood wastewater treatment solution and determine what is causing the problem in your area.

Get a Water Analysis

When you have a wastewater problem, you need to hire a water treatment company to conduct a water analysis.  The wrong analysis can lead to more pollution or cause permanent environmental damage. Use a company with expertise in safely dealing with a municipal wastewater problems.

Determine the Treatment Required

There are four different types of wastewater treatment solutions that can be applied to clear a problem area. You’ll need advice on which one is most effective for your specific issue. If you have a sludge problem, you’ll need to consider the dewatering process where particles in the water are coagulated or brought together to form a more stable mass. This not only reduces the amount of sludge but also the water content.

Some organic waste can be eradicated by using bacteria. These break down the organic waste and are able to remove ammonia and phenols that are sometimes found in wastewater. Sometimes foam arises in wastewater and can actually impede the biodegradation in waste treatment plants. To prevent this problem and deal with it in a proactive way, anti foams are sometimes added to the water.

Inorganic and organic polymers are used in the primary and final clarification process of wastewater. Solids in wastewater are coagulated as a consequence of the electrical charge neutralization produced by polymers. Polymers come in solutions, powders and emulsions. With any of these treatments, an expert company will advise the correct solution for your wastewater problem.

Odor Control

One of the more unpleasant effects of wastewater is the smell. There are solutions to treat wastewater odor, which can be caused from a variety of problems. A lot of the time the material is anaerobic or chemical, and it comes from farm or food production waste. Domestic sewage processing is another odor-causing challenge. By hiring an expert, you will be able to find the cause and treat the problem in a safe manner and to avoid possibly contaminating other areas.

Phosphorus Removal

Sometimes phosphorus can get into the wastewater system and cause problems. An expert company that specializes in wastewater treatment solutions can test for phosphorus contaminants and apply the correct solution. In small amounts phosphorus in water is likely to be harmless, but once levels are raised it becomes toxic. This is a problem that can occur in agricultural areas where pesticides have been used.

Once you have determined the wastewater problem and had it dealt with by an expert, it is vital to address any polluting areas such as factories or the domestic sewerage to avoid and minimize the chance of problems recurring in future. By taking a proactive approach, you’ll be working in a more cost-efficient way and one that is less damaging to the environment.


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