Groundwater Treatment Solutions to Keep Your Community Healthy

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on November 3, 2017
groundwater treatment solutions

The Groundwater Foundation states that 51 percent of the U.S. population receives its drinking water from groundwater sources. In rural areas, it’s 99 percent. This means it’s crucial to implement treatment solutions that ensure the water provided through your facility is as clean as possible. There are a variety of groundwater treatment solutions available that will keep your community safe and healthy.

Contaminants Found in Groundwater

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, dozens of contaminants can be found in groundwater. Inorganic contaminants can include aluminum, arsenic, lead and cyanide. Disinfectants and preservatives are considered organic contamination. Agricultural and farming operations use pesticides and fertilizers that can end up in groundwater supplies. Manufacturing wastewater and overflowing sewage sometimes end up in groundwater. Several types of viruses and bacteria also exist in groundwater. It’s important that you understand what type of contaminants are in the water you’re using so the best treatment solutions can be put in place.

Community Health Concerns

Since there are so many sources of groundwater contamination, there is a high probability that most groundwater has at least some contaminants. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that several types of germs that can cause serious illness and disease, including hepatitis A, salmonella, shigella and norovirus, are often found in groundwater.

Chemicals and contaminants in the environment can also seep into groundwater. Everything from stomach ailments and diarrhea to long-term illnesses and neurological disorders can result from contamination. Young children, the elderly, pregnant women and those with compromised immune systems are more susceptible to illness.

groundwater treatment solutions

Groundwater Treatment Solutions

Groundwater treatment can include many different methods like flocculation and coagulation, and there are generally several steps involved in the process. Your municipal water system may incorporate each of these treatment solutions to varying degrees.

  • Coagulation. This process involves adding chemicals that will neutralize particles in the water and cause them to form clumps.
  • Flocculation. The clumps of particles that were created during the coagulation process are now combined with each other after a clarifying agent has been added. These larger clumps are called floc.
  • Filtration. After the floc has settled, the water on top will be filtered through various types of filtration. Charcoal, sand and gravel are each methods of filtering water. Each of these filtration processes can be used to remove items such as bacteria, viruses and dust.
  • Disinfection. During the final process, remaining parasites are often killed with the use of chlorine. It’s crucial to use the right amount of chlorine so all harmful germs are eliminated and the water is rendered safe for drinking.

Necessity of Advanced Treatment

Groundwater of high quality that can be used for public consumption is becoming a rare commodity due to the increase of man-made contamination. According to Waste & Water Digest, this may require you to add extra methods for treating the water in order to meet all state and federal standards. Advanced treatments can range from the use of aeration methods and lime softening to electrodialysis reversal and a specific combination of chemicals that will work with each unique water supply.

Finding Quality Water Treatment

When looking for quality groundwater treatment solutions, you need a company that has both the expertise and experience to handle all your specific water needs. With the increase of both stringent regulations and the scarcity of fresh, drinkable water, treating water has become more complex.

AOS has years of proven experience finding solutions that meet their clients’ specific needs.  Through extensive testing and groundwater analysis, AOS  can put together a customized solution for your particular water supply. No matter how complex your needs are, they can offer groundwater solutions that save your organization time and money. Contact AOS for more information regarding the best groundwater treatment solutions for your system.

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