Are You Leveraging The Municipal Water Services For Your Community?

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on November 17, 2017
municipal water services

Water is an essential element to life, and safe water and sanitation are critical for public health. Municipalities are responsible for providing clean drinking water and wastewater treatment to their residents. They must deliver water directly to households in a safe and efficient manner. By leveraging municipal water services, they can meet this need and their communities can thrive.

Problems Municipal Water Companies May Face

Water utility companies often struggle with a number of challenges, including:

  • Aging infrastructure
  • Unexpected population growth and strain on current services
  • Changes in climate
  • Competing resource priorities
  • Lowered municipality budgets

When municipalities leverage water services, they can combat these challenges.

Advantages of Leveraging Municipal Water Services

Municipalities that can successfully leverage water services may be able to realize the following benefits:

  • Money savings due to the optimization of the planning and delivery of water services to customers
  • Use of energy and water-efficient practices to promote superior environmental methods
  • Reliability of consistent groundwater treatment solutions
  • Resilience to combat changes in the climate or to respond to short-term disasters
  • Meeting regulatory requirements
  • Promote understanding of best practices for stakeholders

Due to the significant benefits of leveraging water services, municipalities may research ways to achieve these benefits.

Ways to Leverage Water Services

There are a variety of ways that municipalities can leverage their water services. Adjoining municipalities may pool their resources and connect their infrastructure to save money. These actions may also result in greater efficiency. Multiple public water utility companies may form partnerships and share best practices. Additional methods that may help leverage water services include:

  • Leveraging capital markets to support infrastructure sustainability
  • Creating partnerships with equipment manufacturers
  • Entering into public-private contractual arrangements
  • Talking with other community stakeholders to identify best practices and opportunities to collaborate
  • Providing municipality standard contracts
  • Entering into joint operating agreements to share administrative, technological or maintenance services
  • Including specific operational services in operating agreements such as sharing certified operators, sample collection, lab analysis, bulk equipment purchases, replacing or repairing water lines, using identified key consultants and purchasing other equipment and items to support infrastructure
  • Coordinating drinking water, wastewater and stormwater utilities to integrate management plans
  • Sharing of information and coordination with land use agencies regarding watershed planning
  • Sampling of water quality to ensure that it meets all compliance measures under the Safe Drinking Water Act and the Clean Water Act
  • Tracking of compliance metrics pertaining to wastewater treatment effectiveness
  • Implementing programs to identify and incorporate new regulations, discharge limits or water standards
  • Implementing certified pretreatment programs
  • Implementing programs to measure, monitor and respond to odor control
  • Using leak detection and repair programs
  • Assessing energy use
  • Utilizing low-cost energy efficiency practices

Reaching Out for Assistance

In order to leverage municipality water services, it is critical to partner with the right companies to ensure success. AOS Treatment Solutions provides wastewater treatment solutions. We work on clarification by using organic or inorganic polymers. We utilize bacterial cultures and antifoams, based on the condition of the wastewater and the composition of waste. We also assist with dewatering applications, chlorination, dechlorination, sludge dewatering and phosphorus removal. If you have problems with odor control, we can also provide wastewater treatment solutions that address this issue.

Whether you are a government entity, a public corporation or a private business, AOS Wastewater Treatment Solutions can assist you with all aspects of water treatment and services.

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