Best Practices: When to Upgrade Your Water Treatment System

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on May 17, 2017
When to Upgrade Your Water Treatment System

Staying current with expert recommendations regarding water treatment systems, as well as industry requirements and updates about when to upgrade your water treatment system, is critical to maintaining an excellent water treatment business.

Restoration After Inclement Weather or Extreme Weather Events

Having a thorough crisis response plan in place for restoration of youe water treatment system after extreme weather damage is extremely important. This plan should include upgrades as part of the crisis response. The following types of weather events can demand immediate systems checks, crisis response, repairs and upgrades:
  • Prolonged extreme temperatures: Whether exposed to prolonged heat or cold, structures exhibit stresses that can go undetected. Having adequate equipment and appropriate training for that equipment can help detect problems early, before contamination takes place.
  • Earthquake: Earthquakes are notorious destroyers of mechanical, physical and electrical systems, and they are significant contributors to water contamination. Again, damage – especially to underground equipment – can go undetected. There is never a ‘mild’ earthquake when there are underground systems involved.
  • Tornado or other high winds: High winds and debris can cause damage to water treatment systems and the surrounding environment. Resultant damages will require upgrades to existing water treatment systems, as well as repairs.
  • Flooding: High waters and flood conditions cause emergency situations that require immediate intervention to protect water safety. Water treatment system upgrades that continue after flooding and groundwater treatment can be most effective when combined with chemical and corrosion control treatments.

Upgrading as Your Community and Your Customer Reach Expands

Water treatment service areas expand over time if the local population increases or if more customers are added to the system. Upgrading water treatment systems using population, construction and development data sets to inform budgeting is not only the fiscally responsible thing to do, but it can be a highly lucrative investment.
Keeping current on available systems upgrades and new industry information contributes to the development of a system upgrade financial plan that municipalities can afford. Healthy drinking water and healthy agricultural lands are sound investments that show ROI over time, every time.

Industry Expert Recommendations for Ground Water Treatment Solutions

In Texas, groundwater treatment is regulated in several ways. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality updates its list of Rules and Regulations for Public Water Systems regularly. They are also the office responsible for training and licensing Water Treatment Specialists. For example, AOS offers custom water treatment plans for municipalities, corporations and individuals designed by experienced, licensed Water Treatment Specialists.

About AOS Treatment Solutions

AOS Treatment Solutions is a water treatment consulting and chemical supply company that provides standard and custom solutions designed to deliver high-quality, safe drinking water to municipalities, companies and individuals.
Our experts collaborate with water treatment specialists around the world to produce the best solutions for water treatment systems available. Research and development on water treatment systems and related technology is ongoing.
AOS water treatment specialists are prepared to create a custom water treatment plan for your specific water treatment system upgrade requirements. Contact us today to learn more.
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