Wastewater Treatment Solutions Through Independent Water Analysis

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on September 29, 2016


Although in-house laboratories at many wastewater treatment plants provide important data ensuring adherence to water quality standards, there are many situations where independent water analysis is advisable as well.

Successful water analysis begins with compliant sampling protocols tailored to the chemicals in question. Third-party industry specialists are often well-positioned to collect samples properly and document the chain of custody throughout the testing process.

Independent Water Analysis Benefits

Third-party water analysis offers a variety of potential benefits designed to enhance treatment facilities and secures the public at large.

Identify Cost-Effective Treatment Solutions

Precise, independent water analysis points to cost-effective water and wastewater treatment solutions. When water quality issues do arise, third-party water analysis provides decision-makers with credible information about a given challenge and how to resolve it in the most budget-friendly way possible. Independent water analysis provides a path to water analysis services customized for each facility.

Reinforce Public Confidence

There are approximately 16,000 publicly owned wastewater treatment plants in the United States. These facilities perform around-the-clock to deliver treated water to residential and commercial customers or to area waterways. Public confidence in these thousands of facilities must remain at a high level, and one way to maintain public trust is through independent water analysis from certified third-party sources.

Ensure Safe Drinking Water

The water crisis in Flint, Michigan, followed by revelations of manipulated water tests in other jurisdictions, focused attention on ways to reassure a nervous public. One way to accomplish this goal is through independent water analysis. Sampling conducted by an outside organization can go a long way toward easing concerns about lead and other harmful substances in potable water supplies.

Identify Uses for Reclaimed Wastewater

Independent water analysis can confirm the suitability of reclaimed wastewater for irrigation and other legitimate purposes. Drought conditions in recent years focused new attention on the capture and use of reclaimed wastewater; however, new proposals may meet with resistance on occasion.

Reclaimed wastewater is reducing potable water demands in various jurisdictions. For example, it is already irrigating golf courses, parks, and medians around Dallas. A Dallas Morning News article notes that commercial water users in Frisco pay less than one-fourth as much for reclaimed wastewater as they do for potable water.

Compliance Issues

The diverse array of wastewater treatment plants deals with an equally wide array of requirements, which are designed to ensure that potable water, reclaimed wastewater and water discharged into waterways meet stringent standards. Third-party water analysis can help authorities to find cost-effective, compliant solutions in both routine and acute situations.

Comprehensive Water Treatment Solutions

AOS Treatment Solutions offers innovative testing methods that help to identify practical, cost-effective water treatment solutions. AOS supplies equipment and proprietary solutions to meet a variety of needs, and we supply only NSF-certified chemicals for municipal drinking water.

The AOS Water Doctor addresses residential water concerns through:

  • Corrosion monitoring
  • Water analysis
  • Sampling on-site

AOS Treatment Solutions has also developed DigiDoser chemical screening. This proprietary water testing system advances the process of comparing water treatment products. DigiDoser diagnostics quickly identify the ideal product selections based upon plant capabilities and raw water quality.Since 1999, AOS Water Treatment Solutions has served industrial and municipal markets with comprehensive services that extend well beyond independent water analysis. We offer chemical program design, chemical feed systems, and performance tracking via the Water Doctor. AOS also provides start-up, training, and continuing education services.

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