What Is Sedimentation in Water Treatment?

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on May 1, 2018
sedimentation water treatment

Sedimentation is a common way of treating water. It is a process that removes solids that float and settle in the water. The process relies on the use of sedimentation tanks that remove larger solids. Subsequent treatment processes may be used after sedimentation. It is important to understand how sedimentation is used in the treatment of drinking water and wastewater.

What Is Sedimentation in Water Treatment?

Sedimentation is one of the methods that municipalities use for treating water. It is a physicalwater treatment process. Gravity is used to remove suspended solids from water.

The effectiveness depends on the size and weight of the particles. Suspended solids that have a specific gravity similar to water remain suspended while heavier particles settle. The sedimentation process in wastewater treatment usually occurs in tanks of various shapes.

What Are the Advantages of Sedimentation in Wastewater Treatment?

Sedimentation of water is one of the most basic processes of purifying water, making it a process that is commonly used and understood throughout the world. It may be used as a preliminary step in some water treatment processes. It provides the following benefits to municipalities that employ it:

  • Fewer chemicals are required for subsequent water treatment.
  • It makes any subsequent process easier.
  • The cost is lower than some other methods.
  • There is less variation in the quality of water that goes through the process.

sedimentation in wastewater treatment

What Is the Sedimentation Process in Wastewater Treatment?

A sedimentation tank in wastewater treatment removes particles from the water. The accumulated solids, or sludge, form at the bottom of the sedimentation tank and are removed periodically. Coagulants are typically added to the water before sedimentation to aid in the settling process. After sedimentation, there are often other treatment steps.

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When sedimentation is used to treat wastewater, this primary step is followed by secondary treatment, such as a trickling filter, activated sludge or another purification process that is used to remove soluble impurities with bacteria.

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