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What Does Groundwater Remediation Involve?

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on April 25, 2017
What does groundwater remediation involve?

Contaminated water is a real health hazard. The situation in Flint, Michigan, always comes to mind; Flint was just the tip of the iceberg, as a Reuters report showed nearly 3,000 areas in the United States with "lead poisoning rates Read More

The Cost of Groundwater Pollution

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on April 11, 2017
The cost of groundwater pollution.

Groundwater pollution significantly affects not just the health of the environment, but also the health of humans. Consider this: the EPA reports that the sources of groundwater pollution include landfills, pesticides, and sewage pipes, just to name a few. Heavy Read More

Methods for Dealing With Low-quality Groundwater

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on December 19, 2016

Many of those with water-treatment responsibilities find that regulatory demands increase as overall groundwater quality decreases. The high-quality groundwater that is easily treated and delivered for drinking and other purposes often is in short supply. Reasons for Low-quality Groundwater There are Read More

What Is Groundwater and Why Does It Require Treatment?

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on July 26, 2016
Learn more about groundwater treatment in Texas from AOS Treatment Solutions.

When you think about water sources, lakes, ponds, streams and rivers come to mind. However, 30 percent of the world's freshwater actually comes from groundwater, according to The National Groundwater Association. When it rains, the water moves through the surface Read More