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Types of Wastewater Treatment Plants

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on August 7, 2018
types of sewage treatment plant

  Wastewater and sewage treatment plants are responsible for processing approximately 34 gallons of wastewater in the United States each day. Wastewater treatment plant power consumption can range anywhere from 50k BTU/gallon each day to less than 5k, depending on the Read More

Role of Microorganisms Used in Wastewater Treatment

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on July 23, 2018
microorganisms used in wastewater treatment

  Wastewater can be detrimental to the environment if left untreated. That's because waste from humans and pets are a source of several types of waterborne diseases and bacterial contamination. Thanks in part to microorganisms, treating wastewater and sewage is Read More

How Is Water Purified in a Water Treatment Plant?

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on July 23, 2018
how is water purified in a water treatment plant?

  Water treatment plants are critical for a municipality so that clean water can be supplied to the local community. The process of water purification in water plants requires specialists to ensure safe and effective operation. The whole procedure occurs Read More

Difference Between Primary and Secondary Treatment of Wastewater

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on June 26, 2018
difference between primary and secondary treatment of wastewater

  Many differences exist between the primary and secondary treatment of wastewater. The critical difference involves how these treatments are processed. The primary treatment of wastewater occurs through sedimentation with filtering out large contaminant particles within the liquid. The contaminants Read More