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5 Things That Cause Bad Odor in Water

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on October 19, 2016

If you sometimes experience unpleasant odors in your water, it can be hard to figure out what the root cause is. Even so, you shouldn't ignore the first signs or smells of undrinkable water. It could put your health at Read More

The Evolution of Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on October 12, 2016

Like every other technology in the 21st century, wastewater treatment systems have evolved tremendously. In this post, we'll discuss how these wastewater treatments have evolved over the past few hundred years. We'll also discuss how these treatments have evolved for Read More

Wastewater Treatment Solutions Through Independent Water Analysis

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on September 29, 2016

Although in-house laboratories at many wastewater treatment plants provide important data ensuring adherence to water quality standards, there are many situations where independent water analysis is advisable as well. Successful water analysis begins with compliant sampling protocols tailored to the Read More

Odor Control in Wastewater

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on September 14, 2016

While odor control in water systems may not be a common occurrence for businesses and homes, it’s something you need to deal with immediately should it happen. Water odor typically affects industrial and municipal facilities, and it can cause a Read More

5 Benefits of Sludge Dewatering

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on September 7, 2016

Too much water on the ground can be costly and bad for business. However, sludge dewatering can be a viable solution to this issue without breaking the bank. Discover the five major benefits of sludge dewatering treatment. 1. Cost Savings Read More