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Are GMO Bacteria Safe for Wastewater Treatment?

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on August 9, 2017

Earth’s water supply is finite. The water we drink today is the same water that flowed in the Delaware River on that cold Christmas night when George Washington made his historic crossing. With the ever-increasing demand for clean water, the Read More

A Concrete Solution: Recycling Dewatered Sludge

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on April 18, 2017
Recycling Dewatered Sludge

Custom sludge dewatering is having a profound impact on landfills around the world. The sheer volume of dewatered sludge from wastewater treatment plants is filling landfills more quickly than is acceptable. This is why scientists all over are now searching Read More

Money is Tight for Upgrading Treatment Plants

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on January 13, 2017

Clean water is critical for good health; living without it is often devastating. The United Nations says that waterborne infections are responsible for more than 80 percent of the diseases around the world and that nearly 20 percent of people Read More

4 Examples of New Wastewater Treatment Technology

Written by AOS Treatment Solutions on December 28, 2016

As the world's population explodes, the treatment of wastewater becomes exponentially more important. Not only must we find means of treating water that leave a less noticeable carbon footprint, we must find new and creative ways of disposing of the Read More